Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was a huge blessing. Last minute Devin and I decided to spend the weekend with my parents. We'd both been feeling a lot of stress lately and were in need of a break. We decided to camp in my parents backyard and celebrate my birthday early since my sister's high school graduation is the same weekend as my birthday.

We arrived Saturday around six and headed out to Olive Garden for dinner. Mmmmm my favorite! We filled up on salad, bread sticks, chicken alfredo, and black tie mousse cake. By the end of the meal we were stuffed and waddled back to the car to settle into our food coma. The rest of the evening was relaxing. Leisurely we set up our 60 Second Instant Tent. Filled it full of pillows and blankets and wound down for the night laughing at Jimmy Fallon Videos. If you haven't watched the compilations they have made of Brian Williams rapping check these out. You can thank me later. - here, here, & here
Can you believe those mountains?! What a view!
Sunday after church we played Bohnanza aka The Bean Game. Like usual I smoked Dad and Devin. My sister was sweet enough to take some pictures of us in our Sunday best. It mostly just turned into me trying not to roll my ankle while walking in the thick grass in my crazy heels.

Finally we broke out dinner. We sat on the porch appreciating the weather while munching on bbq chips, fruit, a veggie platter and turkey sandwiches.

Finally we ended the night with s'mores! Because it doesn't feel like summer unless you've had them!

Do you like your 'mallows burnt to a crisp, perfectly golden or just skip and go for the chocolate?

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