Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Devin has become the king of birthdays. He pampers me and makes me feel especially loved! I am so lucky. On my birthday he woke me up and took me on a birthday scavenger hunt all throughout our house. When I reached the final clue I found my birthday present. A gorgeous Fossil watch. I wear a watch everyday so I know this will get good use!

After the hunt we relaxed and got ready for the day! Next we were off to lunch. We stuffed our faces at Tucano's and then waddled our way back home! I laid on the bed trying to recover from the massive amounts of Brazilian food I had just imposed on my stomach. This is when he brought in my next surprise! A water color paint set!! The day before I had just posted on my 22 before 23 how I wanted to try painting...Mission Accomplished.
I immediately wanted to try them out so I set them up in the living room and painted for a few minutes until Devin got a suspicious phone call. He went outside to take it and when he came back he was carrying the most adorable puppy. Now don't get too excited he didn't get me a puppy, but he rented one! With our crazy schedules we don't have time for a dog but for two hours we got to play pet owners.
When the puppy (Oscar) arrived he was excited about the new environment but then he got very sleepy. We would try to play with him but he would just curl up somewhere and fall back to sleep. Devin explained it may be best to let Oscar take a short nap to regain his energy.
My two sweet boys crashed in the big comfy chair and took a 15 minute power nap.
After his nap Oscar was all ready to play. We headed out to the courtyard and ran around in the grass!
I was in heaven!
Never being puppy owners we didn't have any toys! We grabbed an old rag and made a make shift toy. We used it to play fetch and wrestle!
Isn't he so precious? I just wanted to keep him forever!
Before they picked Oscar up we ran inside to take a "family picture" with my tripod. Devin was so sweet and thoughtful to pick this date for me. We had the best time and it helped satisfy my "puppy hungriness". If 22 is anything like my birthday it is going to be a great year!

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